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*ALL CUSTOM PRO X PURCHASES INCLUDE A 90-DAY WARRANTY* If the customer's PRO X breaks within the first 90 days of the arrival of their bat, Xylo Bats will replace the bat with the original custom selection. This offer is for one replacement bat if the original bat breaks within the first 90 days.

Welcome to the PRO X. This brand new series is created like no other Xylo bat, or possibly any wood bat, has been created before. The PRO X is produced through our trade secret process that is creating a tighter grain wood bat. This bat is very loud, extremely durable and we can direct the success of this series back to the new process it is created by.

The barrel of the PRO X is a smooth, natural barrel that is kept raw to help with baseball to bat barrel grip while you have the option to choose a handle color. The all natural PRO X will come with a matte black Xylo decal, but if you choose a colored handle you will also have the option to choose the color of the Xylo decal. Lastly, make your bat extra personal with, up to, two lines of custom burnt engraving.


  • High Durability
  • High Performance
  • Extremely tight grain
  • Raw, Natural barrel
  • Deep, rich handle colors

Bat Models

X122: Has an average sized handle (15/16"), average knob (2"), slightly shorter barrel and average sized barrel (2 1/2"+). This is a great bat for contact hitters.

X332: Has a slightly larger handle (1"-1 1/16"), slightly larger knob (2 1/8"), with a little bit longer (and slightly narrower) barrel (2 3/8"-2 1/2") . This bat is well balanced and great for players that like a larger grip.

X423: Has an average sized handle (15/16"), a knob that is slightly larger than the taper (1 3/4") (has a good knob to taper flow), with a little bit longer Barrel (2 3/8"-2 1/2"). This bat model pulls from the handle of the X122 and the barrel of the X332. It is a great hybrid between the two and has a very comfortable feel with the tapered knob. These are a little more barrel heavy. A great bat for power hitters.

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