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The Process

Did you know that the process of your Xylo Bat actually began 40+ years ago? That's right, 40,or more, years ago, a tree was planted in upstate New York and over the course of time, it grew and matured to what is now a large, beautiful and solid maple tree. 

Once the tree is in its prime to create bats, it is cut down and hand-split to create a billet (cylinder piece of wood before it is a bat). Having a bat that is from a hand split tree is very important because it, rather than being sawn, will always split with the grain, helping that billet to have the straightest grain and keep the integrity of the wood.

Once the billets reach the Xylo Barn we inspect and weigh each billet and allow the billets to sit for 2 weeks in order to acclimate to the climate of our location.

The billet is then taken through a CNC lathe to help provide the rough cut of the bat. Using a CNC allows every bat model to measure exactly the same.

The bat then moves to a smaller lathe for our unique deer antler hardening process and sanding. The deer antler is an extremely hard item, allowing the outer surface of the wood bat to compress, which creates a very hard hitting surface. We believe this part is very important because we want our customers to have the hardest bat in the game. 

Once the bat is smooth and hardened, it then moves to the staining/finishing process. Using stain allows the beautiful wood grain to show, but still provides rich looking colors. Once the bats are stained to the customers choice, it is finished with a gloss, water-based sealer to help provide protection of the bat.

Lastly, the bat moves to the engraving process to really give the bat customization. This allows customers to place anything they would like on the barrel of the bat to really help personalize the bat. Once the engraving is finished, the bat is packaged and shipped to its new home. 

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